Tuesday, October 9, 2007


team capybara finished the furnace creek 508 in 32:58.

30th place of the 117 starters (84 finishers)
7th place of the 14 4x relay teams
3rd place of the 9 4x mens' relay teams
1st place of the 1 4x mens' relay team in the 30+ age bracket.

i guess we won, then, if you define your terms properly.

hard to get too big-headed about it, though, finishing as we did almost three hours behind chesapeake bay retreiver, a dude my age riding solo on a fixed-gear...

it'll take me a couple days to write the story. right now, almost 48 hours after we finished, i'm still trying to recover from the deepest bonk of my life. i now understand the difference between an endurance event, which i prepared for, and an ultra-endurance event, which this was, and which i did not. but man, that was fun, in ways i can't even explain.

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Nicole said...

Great Job Capybaras! I am way impressed and even slightly jealous!