Monday, October 15, 2007

stage seven – kelso to almost amboy

33.8 miles, 2280' vertical

you can't really call kelso a town, or even really a settlement. a railroad crossing, i guess. tom was itching to go, and immediately got on it for his climb: 2000' vertical in 12 miles, a couple of bottle passes, deep into the routine now, even though mindy and chad are feeling done with this...

sagebrush and cactus, loose sandy soil, rocks. low population density regardless of species. browns and tans and greys and pale pale grey-greens. dead quiet at midday except for the wind. lots and lots of very very little. not a fence. not a power line. cell phone service? soon, i'm sure. welcome to the desert.

tom's stage ended with a loong screaming descent into almost amboy, home of the amboy memorial gardens and lemonade stand, resting place of unclaimed totems. the capybara won't end up there, if we have anything to say about it. pulled into time station 7 at 1:30pm sunday, more than six hours ahead of where we thought we might be. been a good run, it has...

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